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Using Coffee Tables To Decorate Your Home

A coffee table is a low
table which is placed in front of a sofa or armchair to support beverages.
During a small get together, plates can also be placed on it to serve food to
the guests. In most of the coffee tables, there is a shelf for keeping
magazines or newspapers or the TV remote or any small items which are used
while sitting on the sofa. 

Coffee tables are usually
made of wood, metal, glass, stainless steel or aluminum. Nowadays leather
coffee tables are also very popular. Coffee tables are positioned in the living
room and are available in different style and shape. You can buy your perfect coffee tables online.
Few of the types are mentioned below:

Coffee Tables To Decorate Your Home

Marble Coffee Table

Marble coffee table is the
most versatile variant available. If you are looking for durability and good
looks, go for this kind of coffee table. It has a heavy stand on which the
table is placed. The entire thing is made of wood.

Glass Coffee Table

You get the glass table
placed on a heavy wooden base or glass base. A glass coffee table adds a subtle
element in the living room.

Gloss Coffee Table

They are made up of strong
plastic material. It is finished with a glossy coat to add shine to the table.
Gloss coffee tables are designed in unusual shape which a unique look to your
living room.

Designer Coffee Table

As the name suggests the
designer coffee table is a unique variant and has the fabulous looks. They are
designed by skilled designers. A designer coffee table would draw the attention
of your guests and they would compliment your choice.

If the Coffee table is
nicely placed in the room and it will serve as a decorative item. Let’s go
through some of the ideas of well the coffee table can be placed and

  • Consider a glass-topped table: If you are aiming to showcase some of the accessories like books, a table with a glass top is perfect for you. It provides a balance as it doesn’t take up much visual space, yet keeps the focus on your display
  • Place a tiny vase with a tiny plant: The vase and the plant will not add to the beauty of the room but also bring in fresh energy to your table. The indoor plants have always proved to make the air quality better of the house.
  • Pick the right runner for your table: We tend to keep place runners on the coffee table. It is advisable to choose the runner which would suit the color and shape of the table. 
  • Placing a lantern/ lamp on the table: You may decorate your coffee table by keeping a lantern on it. Of course, the lantern should be of the modern design and should match with the other furniture of the room.
  • Keep objects that look natural: You may place some antique wooden bowl or a magnifying glass or an animal horn which is close to nature. This will add history to the room.

The coffee table is one of
the main furniture in the living room and its presence adds to the beauty of
the room. Buy your type of coffee table at beds online in India.

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