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Triple Citrus Chicken Marinade

A bright and flavorful chicken marinade made with a trio of fresh citrus! Because why just use one when you can use three? It’s made with orange, lemon and lime which is perfect for creating a vibrant grilled chicken marinade!

Marinated chicken on a serving plate with a side of asparagus, yellow squash, sweet potatoes and citrus slices.

Chicken Marinade Recipe with Triple Citrus

Every summer it’s all about those chicken marinades right? Because who likes bland and boring chicken without some extra flavor?

This marinade is incredibly easy to make! Don’t be intimated by that list of ingredients, you can see in the ingredients photo below it’s actually not much and you probably have a lot of what you’ll need already.

Thanks to using all that fresh citrus, both juice and zest, you get a deliciously summery marinade you’ll want to make time and time again.

You’ll love that it’s not overwhelming like some of those vinegar based chicken marinades can be. The splash of citrus is a nice welcome touch that always enhances the flavors of chicken.

Another fun way to use this marinade is to make grilled chicken skewers, instead of using whole chicken pieces cut into 1-inch cubes, marinate then thread onto skewers and grill.

Just be sure to plan ahead with this recipe because you’ll want to let the chicken soak for at least one hour to absorb that flavor. Read More »

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