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Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake a must try Mexican dessert! It’s a deliciously rich and moist, milk-soaked cake that always gets compliments every time it’s served. It’s sweet and refreshing, and even picky eaters love this Mexican cake!

Slice of Tres Leches Cake on a small black dessert plate. Cake is a creamy yellow color with a white whipped cream frosting. It's garnished with fresh strawberry slices and mint on top.

Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Tres Leches Cake has got to be one of the world’s best kinds of cake! Maybe I’m just biased because I’m a huge fan of sweetened condensed milk and cream, and you get both in this cake. I love to serve it in the summer since it’s a chilled and amazingly refreshing cake, but of course people will crave it year round!

It’s a perfectly sweet and decadent and just amazingly satisfying. Plus this version has butter!

If you search for tres leches recipes on the web, you’ll find about half contain one stick of butter the other half container no butter. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s just offensive. I’m totally kidding, but when there’s a choice I say butter all the way!

Butter makes everything better. It adds a wonderful richness and flavor.

This is an authentic Mexican cake that’s perfect for birthdays, parties and holidays and it’s just as good as what you’ll get at your favorite Mexican restaurants!

Another thing you’ll love about making tres leches cake at home is that it’s a lot cheaper. Why pay $8 dollars a slice when you can make a full cake at home for about the same price? Read More »

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