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The Things Shop Assistants Will Never Get To Tell You

T. are certain things shop assistants do not tell us. This is because it is simply to their benefits. If they do inform us, it means t. is a chance customers will be lost in some certain areas. Here are the things shop assistants will never tell us.

  • Fashion trends change every week.
  • Collaboration with a certain designer doesn’t guarantee quality. Large brands create clothes made with well-known designers. Their aim is to make customers pay more for exclusive items. However, the only thing unique about them is their limited edition, and the quality of such clothes is not any better than the rest.
  • The Sales section looks disorderly on purpose.
  • Harmful chemicals are used in clothes manufacturing. Even if an item is labelled 100% natural, it may be still dangerous for your health. clothes manufacturing involves chemicals that can be identified with proper lab testing. Always wash your clothes when you buy them new before wearing them.  It will reduce the number of dangerous chemicals and keep you safe in case of any infection that may have lingered fro some previous customers who tried it on.
  • Synthetic items cost the same as those made with natural fabrics.
  • Clothes are of worse quality in the outlets than the same items in the boutique. To save money, many people go to outlets for designer items. The clothes t. only look like they’re from designer collections but a re not.
  • Poor quality goods. Clothes these days are of poor quality, bad stitches, poorly printed images, cheap plastic fittings, and so on. The manufacturers do that because they want to make things quick and cheap in order for us to buy them more often when they are damaged.
  • Sales benefit the stores and not you. Sales are meant to make you buy things you didn’t want to buy originally. Most people like me cannot resist temptation when we see a discount. Sometimes, stores raise the prices before sale to announce it later in order to attract customers. Prices are usually cut by nothing less than 10%.
  • Similar sizes may be too big or too small depending on the brand. I’m sure some of us know this. Manufacturers have different size scales, this means you will be able to fit into a small item in one store, yet unable to fit into a small item in another brand.


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