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Stuffed Peppers

Homestyle Stuffed Peppers! Multi-color, nutritious bell peppers are loaded with seasoned ground beef, hearty rice and mildly sweet tomatoes, then they’re and finished with mozzarella cheese and baked until perfectly tender. It’s a delicious dinner in one that you’ll want to on regular rotation!

Stuffed Bell Peppers cut in half to show filling including ground beef, rice, tomato sauce and cheese.

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

I’ve always loved stuffed peppers but I’ve hated the extra step of boiling water and parboiling peppers before baking. So instead, here we pre-bake the peppers (in the same baking dish you’ll already be using to bake the stuffed peppers) while the filling cooks, it’s a no brainer.

Then to make prep faster use leftover rice from a dinner you made the day before if you’ve got some.

These are easier to make than you’d think and they make delicious left overs the next day for lunch. Plus how else could we eat a whole pepper in one sitting? A great way to get the the whole family to eat more veggies!

Nothing fancy or complicated here, just fresh, flavorful, comfort food tossed and layered together and baked until perfectly tender and tasty.

Multi-color stuffed peppers in a white baking dish. Read More »

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