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Hummingbird Cake

The best Hummingbird Cake! It’s a tender, flavorful cake brimming with fresh pineapple, bananas, pecans, and spices and finished with luscious cream cheese frosting and coconut! The perfect cake for Easter or any other special occasion.

Single slice of homemade hummingbird cake on a white dessert plate.

Homemade Hummingbird Cake

I think of this cake as banana cake meets the tropics, in that it is loaded with bananas, laced with fresh pineapple and covered in sweet, toasted coconut.

It will remind you a lot of banana bread, but with a bonus of decadent cream cheese frosting of course. There are so many delicious flavors and perfect textures in this cake.

The cake has a nice tender thanks to the sugar and bananas and it has a nice moist crumb thanks to the vegetable oil, it’s dotted with juicy bits of pineapple and crunchy toasted pecans, and it’s finished with a creamy, lightly tangy frosting and finished with crisp bits of toasted coconut (or chewy coconut if you like it un-toasted).

It’s an old fashioned style cake that will likely remind you of home. Made from scratch and sure to please!

Photography credit: Jenn Davis from Two Cups Flour.

Hummingbird cake shown with a quarter of the cake removed, cake is sitting on a wooden platter. Slices of cake are shown of the the right side.

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