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Does Your Beauty Drawer Need a Detox?

Beauty Drawer Organisation Declutter

Ever found yourself searching high and low for that one product you need in a sea of skincare and makeup products (and you’re pretty sure some of them are definitely way, way too old!)? Do you reach for the same products over and over because you can’t find that other highlighter you’re pretty sure you have quickly and easily enough? If this sounds familiar, you’re probably in need of a beauty #DrawerDetox!

Simplify your makeup and skincare routines by taking a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book, and decluttering those items that no longer spark joy. You’ll also want to get rid of anything that has expired, or contains nasty ingredients like those in Arbonne’s “Not Allowed List”

Having everything visible and easy to access will speed up your skincare and makeup routines, and will make sure there aren’t any products that get forgotten about and left to expire. A good #DrawerDetox will help improve your daily skincare routine, give your bathroom drawers some much needed organisation and, most of all, take important steps towards protecting the planet.

To get your beauty drawer declutter started, empty out everything (yes, everything!) in your beauty drawers (or wherever you keep your beauty items). If you haven’t already, pick up some drawer organisers (there are some great inexpensive ones here and here) so everything has a place when you put the items you’re keeping back.


Arbonne Beauty Drawer Organisation Declutter


Have a good think about what ingredients are in the products you use, and how many products you really need (yes, 5 bronzers in your everyday vanity could possibly be too many!). When going through each of your items, consider the following before you decide it’s worthy of a place back in your everyday beauty stash.


Does it Spark Joy?

Do you want to use the product in question the next time you do your makeup or skincare? Have you used it recently, and do you wish you would remember to use it more often? If the answer is no, toss it in the trash, or if it’s not expired, pass it on to a friend or family member so someone else can get some use out of it.  You can donate any unopened products to Share the Dignity’s It’s in the Bag Christmas Charity. 


Is it Expired?

If the answer is yes, in the trash it goes! Each product should have a period-after-opening symbol (it looks like an open cosmetics pot) that identifies the useful lifetime of a that product after its package has been opened for the first time. If you know you’ve had a product open for longer than this, particularly when it comes to liquid or cream products, throw it out. You definitely don’t want to be using expired makeup or skincare! While Arbonne products are all recyclable, others may not be. Drop off unrecyclable beauty products to a TerraCycle drop-off point.


Does it Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Arbonne’s “Not Allowed List” is a great reference for ingredients you really should try and avoid in your beauty products. This list of more than 2,000 ingredients directly reflects Arbonne’s rigorous screening of ingredients that ultimately result in safer ingredient choices and effective products.

Needless to say, Arbonne products are always free from all these nasties! Some personal favourites from Arbonne include the Rescue & Renew body care range (it smells so good, and the products feel amazing – I love the Detox Lotion and Detox Gelée), and the RE9 Advanced skincare range (the Smoothing Facial Cleanser and Night Repair Cream are both beautiful).  


I hope this has inspired you to take a part in Arbonne’s #DrawerDetox campaign and give your own beauty drawers a good detox! To enter, share a photo on your Instagram feed or story using the hashtag #DrawerDetox and follow and tag @ArbonneAUNZ to be in to win a full, conscious, capsule collection of Arbonne products. 

Check out one of my beauty drawers pre #DrawerDetox below (yes, it’s a mess!).

Beauty Drawer Organisation Declutter

After a much needed #DrawerDetox:

Beauty Drawer Organisation DeclutterBeauty Drawer Organisation DeclutterBeauty Drawer Organisation DeclutterBeauty Drawer Organisation DeclutterBeauty Drawer Organisation DeclutterBeauty Drawer Organisation Declutter

This post is in collaboration with Arbonne.


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