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Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

Mushrooms fried in bacon fat, stirred through a rich, creamy sauce and finished with fresh chives – This is not your regular creamy mushrooms on toast!

creamy mushrooms on two slices of toast with bacon and chives

It all started with bacon…

Mushrooms on toast is one of the easiest brunch recipes out there. Granted, mushrooms on toast are great, but here at DGBMH you know I like to take things to the extreme. Here’s why these are the best damn creamy mushrooms you’ll ever make:

  • More than just Cream – a few extra additions to the sauce will take this creamy sauce to crazy heights!
  • Perfect Mushrooms – I’ll provide you with a few simple tricks to frying perfectly golden delicious mushrooms.
  • Bacon Fat – Because if you’re not frying your mushrooms in bacon fat then what on earth are you doing?!

Yep, frying your mushrooms in bacon fat adds gorgeous flavour, then crumbling the crispy bacon crumbs over at the end just turns the whole thing into a dream 😍

Top Tip – Make sure you don’t crank up the heat in hopes for crispy bacon. In fact, the crispiest kind of bacon is fried low and slow, no more than a medium heat. This will also ensure as much fat is rendered off the bacon as possible.

how to pan fry bacon - 3 step by step photod

Creamy Mushrooms

Please for heavens sake don’t just mix mushrooms and cream, bad things will happen. An awesome mushroom cream sauce only needs 5 main ingredients:

  • Butter
  • Chicken Stock
  • Heavy/Double Cream
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Garlic
  • Lemon Juice (optional)

It makes for a slightly more complex flavour, more rich and quite frankly 10x more delicious. When it comes to making creamy mushrooms, it truly couldn’t be easier.

How to make Creamy Mushrooms (quick summary)

  1. Add half of your mushrooms to bacon fat.
  2. Fry until golden. Repeat second batch.
  3. Add in both batches, push to edges and fry garlic in butter.
  4. Add chicken stock and reduce.
  5. Add cream, mustard, lemon juice and seasoning.
  6. Simmer to reduce.

How to make creamy mushrooms - 6 step by step photos

Get the most from your Mushrooms!

Mushrooms, if not cooked correctly, aren’t the most pleasant things. However, if you achieve that golden crust on each side they truly are to die for. I use chestnut mushrooms and keep them quite chunky. Just because they shrink so much. But you can use any mushroom you like!

Work in Batches – It’s important to fry in batches to give your mushrooms room to fry. Mushrooms are packed with water, and if crammed into a pan can cause steaming, instead of frying. This in turn prevents browning and you lose out on flavour.
Don’t move them about – Once you’ve placed the mushrooms in the pan, don’t stir them around. Leave them to fry until they’re golden on one side, then individually flip them over with tongs. You want to make sure the mushrooms have long periods of contact with the heat of the pan so they can brown properly.

Just a note on thickening the sauce too – you don’t need flour/cornstarch. It will thicken naturally. Just keep it on a rapid simmer and stir occasionally. If the sauce over thickens just add a splash more stock to thin out.

overhead shot of creamy mushrooms in skillet

Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

For the toast part of things, I use Tiger Bread. But you can use any bread you fancy. Just lightly brush with olive oil and either place under the grill or pan fry until crispy on both sides. Once you’ve spooned the mushrooms on top, sprinkle with fresh chives and crispy bacon crumbs!

And there we have it! Gourmet mushrooms on toast ready for the taking.

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Alrighty, let’s tuck into this creamy mushroom toast recipe shall we?!

overhead shot of mushrooms on toast

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How to make Creamy Mushrooms on Toast (Full Recipe & Video)

Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

Mushrooms fried in bacon fat, stirred through a rich, creamy sauce and finished with fresh chives – This is not your regular creamy mushrooms on toast! Serves 2 hungry people or 4 smaller portions.

  • 1lb / 500g <strong>Mushrooms</strong>, <em>sliced (see notes)</em>
  • 1 cup / 250ml <strong>Heavy/Double Cream, </strong><em>at room temp</em>
  • 1/2 cup / 125ml <strong>Chicken Stock</strong>
  • 4 slices of <strong>Tiger Bread,</strong> <em>or bread of choice</em>
  • 4 single rashers of <strong>Smokey Bacon</strong>
  • 2 tbsp <strong>Butter</strong>
  • 2 tbsp <strong>Fresh Chives,</strong> <em>finely diced</em>
  • 2 cloves of <strong>Garlic</strong>, <em>minced</em>
  • 1 tsp <strong>Lemon Juice</strong> <em>(see notes)</em>
  • 1/2 tsp <strong>Dijon Mustard</strong>
  • <strong>Olive Oil</strong>, <em>as needed</em>
  1. Add 4 rashers of bacon to a frying pan over medium heat. Fry both sides until golden and crispy, with as much of the fat rendered as possible. Remove from pan, leaving fat behind. Leave to cool, then very finely dice.

  2. Add half of your mushrooms and space out. Leave to fry without moving about until deep golden. Season with salt and pepper, then use your tongs to individually flip each mushroom. Leave again until golden on the other side. Remove from pan and add your second batch, adding more oil as needed. It's important to not overcrowd the pan or they'll steam and lose flavour.

  3. Add your first batch back to the pan, then push to the outside of the pan. Melt in 2 tbsp butter, then add 2 minced cloves of garlic. Fry for 1-2mins, then incorporate with all the mushrooms.

  4. Pour in 1/2cup/125ml chicken stock and allow to simmer until reduced by half (5-10mins). Pour in 1cup/250ml cream. Add 1/2 tsp dijon mustard, a few drops of lemon juice and seasoning to taste. Bring to a rapid simmer and stir occasionally until fully thickened (another 5-10mins). If you over thicken just add a splash more stock.

  5. Meanwhile, lightly brush both sides of 4 slices of bread with olive oil and pop under the grill to crisp up (flip half way) or fry in a frying pan.

  6. Serve by spooning creamy mushrooms on top with a sprinkling of crispy bacon crumbs and fresh chives.

a) Bacon – It’s important not to crank up the heat in hopes to get the bacon really crispy. You want it on medium heat at the most. Lower and slower frying with extract the most fat.

b) Mushrooms – I use chestnut mushrooms and keep them in fairly large slices (because they shrink so much). It also makes it quicker/easier to individually flip the mushrooms, simply because there’s less there. But you can really use any mushroom you like. Just make sure you fry in batches to give them plenty of room.

c) Lemon Juice – Like the mustard, this is to cut through the richness of the sauce. You only need a VERY gentle squeeze, no more than 1 tsp or it will make the sauce too acidic. This isn’t essential, given you’ve already got the mustard, but it does help. If you like a really rich sauce then consider leaving this out.

d) Reducing – This sauce will thicken, just keep simmering and stirring at a rapid bubble. No need for flour/cornstarch etc.

e) Calories – Based on 1 of 4 slices, using 2 tbsp olive oil (1 for frying and 1 for bread).

If you loved this Mushrooms on Toast recipe be sure to pin it for later! Already made it or got a burning question? Give me a shout in the comments and pick up your free ecookbook along the way!

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