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Christmas Crack

Christmas Crack! Crisp and flaky saltine crackers are covered with a sweet toffee like coating, then topped with a generous layer of rich chocolate – and to spruce it up you can finish with nutty pecans or colorful sprinkles if desired. It’s a simple treat that’s sure to satisfy those chocolate cravings!

Christmas Crack layered on a serving plate.

Christmas Crack Recipe – AKA Saltine Cracker Toffee

This easy and addictive Christmas Crack is a staple treat recipe that should made at least once every year when the holidays roll around.

There’s no special candy know-how or candy equipment required! Plus, it only uses a few basic pantry staple ingredients. It’s just one of those straight-forward, foolproof recipes that’s been around for decades.

You just let the sugar butter mixture boil for a few minutes, spread it over the crackers in a baking sheet, let it bake for a few minutes then dot with chocolate chips and let them melt and spread even. Let it chill and set then CRACK away. Super simple!

If you haven’t tried this ever so popular treat then now is the time! It makes great Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors and of course it’s a great thing to break out when family comes to visit on the holidays.

The only problem, I just never now when to stop eating it. This stuff is dangerous!

Tall stack of homemade Christmas Crack on a white dessert plate. View the Recipe

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