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Belgian Waffle Recipe

The supreme waffle recipe! These Belgian Waffles are light and fluffy on the inside, and crisp and nicely golden brown on the outside. Here you’ll learn all you need to know to perfect them!

Eight Belgian Waffles topped with berries and maple syrup.

The Best Belgian Waffle Recipe

Who doesn’t love a made-from-scratch, comforting, homestyle breakfast? Especially on the weekends! This waffle recipe will give you all the more reason to look forward to lazy Saturday mornings.

And chances are once you try these you’ll be hooked for life! I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t love them.

I’ve had this recipe countless times since I first shared them 5 years ago. They may not be quite as quick as pancakes but the extra bit of effort in whipping egg whites is so worth it!

These have everything you look for in a waffle and them some. They have a rich delicious flavor (thanks to the buttermilk), they’re perfectly soft and tender inside with a nice moisture to them, and you’ll love that deliciously crisp, pretty exterior.

Belgian Waffles

Then lets not forget the fact that they’re the perfect base to an endless list of topping options. But of course you can never go wrong with the classic finishing touch of a light slather of rich butter and a pool of sweet maple syrup drizzled between all those perfectly angular nooks and crannies.

These are the perfect main dish pairing to those classic breakfast sides like creamy scrambled eggs, golden hash browns, crispy, salty oven cooked bacon and sweet fresh fruit. Can’t you just picture it now? It needs to happen right?

Simply put, they’ll be all of your breakfast dreams come true!

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