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5 Different Ways To Handle Old Clothes

We all have some clothes we haven’t worn in years and dumped somew. in our closet. Some of us we hate to give out because they were one of our favourites while we were younger, but it just doesn’t size us anymore. Well, these dresses can’t stay in our closet forever though. Here are some ideas you can get in what you can do with old clothes.

  • Start by selecting your old clothes that won’t be your size anymore and give them out. Either to the less privileged, your little cousin, siblings or anyone of your choice. That is if they’re still good to be worn.
  • The ones that are not useful, throw them away or turn them into rags. Yes! It’s that simple. Why else would it still be with you if it is not of any use.
  • You can tear off the ones you don’t like and turn into a summer outfit like a skirt to a top, a trouser to shorts, a big top to a crop top, etc. t. you go! You have a whole new outfit again.
  • Selling is another option too. You can sell it as a second hand wear and make money out of it. You could use the money you got to buy a new outfit or whatever you want.
  • You can patch your cloth with a fabric from an old one. People mostly do this to a patterned wear, especially Ankara. Mixing Ankara pieces together to create a new design.

Now you have gotten 5 ways to handle your old clothes, start making a different to helping someone, making money and getting a new outfit. Thank me later. #WINK.


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