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Checkout The Latest 2018 African Braiding Styles

Are you shocked by the most popular hairstyle in 2018, Alicia Keys? So are we! But we will stop you and insist that you call them the real thing – African braids. Otherwise referred to as “festival braids”, “tribal braid” or “braid with beads”, this weaving style is identified by a specific braiding pattern. Like many of the fashion items and styles we see in the festival, Africa’s braid has been adapted from the traditional to the contemporary expression.

You see, Africa treats braiding as an art form, a ritual or social activity, handed down from generation to generation. One of the main reasons why we can celebrate such a meaningful custom is that we like Africa.

What is the other reason we like African braids? Their feminine and complex beauty of course! Let’s take a look at the key elements:

· A braided cornrow extending down the center of the head from front to back

· A cornrow braided from the back to the front on both sides of the head, so that they hang in front of each ear

· A braid wrapped around the perimeter of the head – can be updated in a variety of ways, but usually looks like a crown

· Place beads, amber, shells or clips throughout the braid, including the ends

There are many ways to adjust the different elements of African braids depending on your style. One popular version today is to leave the tail of the braids in front of the ear and twist the rest of the braids up into large buns behind the head or turn a few smaller braids over the head like a crown. Add some colored hair through for a look guaranteed to stop traffic!

Its very clear why we like African braids. A strong cultural fashion, we can comfortably wear for a luxurious result that burst with personality.

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