Ground egusi                                                2 cups
Spinach (or other vegetable)                        2 cups
Tomato sauce                                                4 cups
Salt                                                                1 tsp
Chicken bouillon seasoning                          1 tbsp
Cajun seasoning                                            1 tsp
Italian seasoning                                           1 tsp
Palm Oil                                                        1/4 cup
Dry fish (optional)                                         1/2 cup
Egusi seeds are from melons. I don’t mean the seeds of watermelon that most of us are familiar with, but the seeds of citrullus lanatus. To be honest, I have never seen these special melons before, but from the few pictures I have seen, they look very similar to watermelons, and if you put them together, I might not be able to distinguish them. . From what I have heard, this is a different story. Once you enter the ‘fruit’, the meat of the egusi melon is inedible and discarded. Only harvest its seeds.
  1.  Prepare your tomato sauce. See here for how to make tomato sauce.
       2. Make a quarter of the onion into small pieces.

 Leave egusi temporarily. We will prepare the ketchup when cooking.

Let’s take a look at egusi!

  1. Add palm oil to the cooking pot and put in a medium heat. Make sure to use a non-stick pan.
  2. Once the oil gets hot, add onions, spices and broth seasoning and pour in the ketchup a minute later. If you choose to use any dried fish or meat, join now. I like to add all the flavors to the oil and stew.
Note: This is a complete meal for vegetarians, leaving only all meat and fish.

     3. When stewing, we will prepare a paste. If you like, you can mix the remaining onions, 1 cup of water, egusi, salt and pepper. I use a food processor, but you can also use a blender. You need a good paste.

      4. When finely blended through, you should have a nice thick paste as seen below
      5. Stir the stew now. Next, take a spoon and dip a little paste into the stew. Now, cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t Stir
         6. After cooking egusi, you will see it has been cooked into a solid block. You can now add spinach or other green vegetable leaves of your choice. Allow to cook for another 5 minutes or less to keep the nutrients in the vegetables.
It’s time to dig! This is great with any Morsel. I like to use akpu, pounded yam, rice, bread, eba, 
If you are not near an African or international store, you can order from Amazon.

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