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Best Way To Make Potato Salad – No recipe required

There are endless recipes for potato Salad, but to master basic BBQ core you just need to know some simple techniques. Imagine getting rid of cookbooks and forgetting to call your phone with food covered hands. Instead, scroll through our easy tips to turn your power around while you’re enjoying the Rose and chatting with friends (or maybe a hot date!) After all, is it not what summer is all about?
1. Start with the right foundation. It is called potato salad for a reason, right? Choose from small potatoes such as red potatoes or Yukon Golds. For six to eight servings, you need about two pounds. Scrub the skin to remove dirt and debris, place in a large pot, and cover with salt water. Boil and boil for 15-20 minutes until tender. Drain with a colander and cover the steam with a kitchen towel for about 10 minutes. Whether you peel is dependent on you, but the variety is smaller and easier to cook. Just pinch off the skin after steaming.
2. Season while your potatoes are still warm. This tip is a major taste elevator. Once your potatoes are cool enough to be processed, cut into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle with white wine vinegar and Jewish salt.
3. Find your favorite dressing combination. Traditional potato salads require a mayonnaise-based condiment, but we like to add sour cream to lighten our taste (and add flavor). Try a mayo to two servings of sour cream and then play balance until you find the way that suits you. From there, add your other seasonings such as salt and pepper, paprika, mustard and vinegar.
4. Master the ratio of your seasoning to potatoes. We think that a cup of seasoning for every two pounds of potatoes is a good starting point.
5. Add some austerity. Mix texture with sliced ​​celery, red onion or green onion. They will give you a little bit of cream dressing.
6. When it comes to mixing, the sky is the limit. Potato salad can be used as a neutral basis for any additive, so go ahead! Stick to the iconic secret ingredients or play on different occasions. Need some inspo? Try kimchi, capers, olives, crispy cooked bacon, boiled eggs, radish or any combination of these.
7. Complete with some herbs. Potatoes love herbs, and a little green leaves make your salad more visually appealing. Add any combination of parsley, dill or leeks before serving. You can also add them to your dressing.

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