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Top -10 Kaftan Outfit Designs For Male CEO(s)

Kaftan is one native outfit which can be commonly found in every African man’s wardrobe. The same way Asoebi outfits are to Nigerian ladies applies to Native kaftan to Nigerian men.

Right here in Nigeria, it’s popularly known as senator, yeah because back then it was majorly rocked by the Cream of the society, but today every Dick and Harry boldly rocks it.

Despite the fact that, Kaftan Outfit can be easily seen in any gathering of African men, there are still styles which will always outstand the leaders from the followers, and these are the exclusives which i bring up to you today.

They are called the CEO STYLES, Men who rock these styles are seen as the kaftan outfit trend setters…The Chief Entertainment Officers, (They entertain our eyes at every events with their exceptional kaftan outfit styles, which we copy and set to also feed you on)

……And for this week, These styles turns out to be our Top 10.

Check them out and confirm the extraordinary styles crafted by the super-stylists.



TOOSWEETANNANGH in a native kaftan outfit styled by Catherine_l-afrique.


Native kaftan outfit styled/designed by Fai_world


Native Kaftan Outfit Designed and styled by Browninspired.


Native Kaftan Outfit Designed by PappazAttirez.


Native Kaftan Outfit Designed by Vassilisluxury.


Kaftan designed by Fai_world.


Nigerian Native Kaftan designed by Browninspired.


Classic Native Kaftan Outfit Designed by Amdiddy.


Native Kaftan Outfit Designed by SamrichKlassics.


Luxurious Kaftan Outfit Designed by Vassilisluxury.

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