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Top 10 Best Suit Brands For Men

Speaking of the suit, it’s not about the price – it’s about the result! Fortunately, for those who want the best, the sky is their limit.
If you think that a tailor-made custom suit will bring a penny, then wait until you explore fabrics worth more than the weight of gold!

Of course, even if you don’t have or can’t afford some things like a vicuna, pashmina or platinum threaded material, I think you’ll get a lot of value from what you’ll find below. If you are always looking for a luxury suit, this list will eventually become your closest ally.
Let’s face it. A lot of suits worn by men depicts his personality and style. The discerning men will taste the most elegant taste, and they will wear the suit brand as a reflection of their exquisiteness and taste. Because not all brands and tailors are equal! With so many people to choose from, it’s easy to fall into a less-than-ideal low-level option.
From ready-to-wear to truly customized, these 10 best suits for men will guide you in the right direction. If you are looking for a budget and basic, to be honest, you won’t find it here. These are not just a list of brands; these are the choices of experienced people who understand that you often get the price you pay for in life. When it comes to suits, we just say that they are not something you want to be cheap.

Ermenegildo Zenga
This brand, often referred to as Zenga, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine fabrics, suits and other men’s clothing. Founded in 1910, it is now in its fourth generation and is headquartered in Milan, one of the top fashion centers around the world.
One reason that makes Zenga different is that they make their own fabrics. I mean they actually have their own wool factory in Australia. They truly offer the finest fabrics. That’s a good reason why brands like Brioni and Tom Ford use it.
Tom Ford
Tom Ford has an impressive history in the fashion world. He has worked with major brands such as Gucci. The Tom Ford suit brand is very stylish and unique. There are nearly about 100 independent Tom Ford boutiques in the world, including shops in Milan and Dubai.
Although I own Tom Ford clothing and love them personally, shopping the brand is very difficult. If you are not in specific major city, then the chances of buying it will be reduced a lot, I wish you good luck! In addition, Tom Ford may be some of the most popular brand names, but in fact, the quality of the suit is self-evident. 
Brooks Brothers
As the oldest clothing retailer in the United States, its history dates back to 1818, and Brooks Brothers represents a well-known and highly respected premium men’s suit brand. Their logo and name were created by Henry Brooks calling on his son to help with the business.
If you want to look like a real celebrity, Brioni is the way to go. This brand has been worn by Jeff Bridges, Sam Jackson, Ameka Goodluck and Denzel Washington, so you know that the brand is very well known. Italian brands like this are very tailored and refined.
You can’t beat them. They are very happy to work on vicuna, exotic skins, yes, and even diamond-encrusted accents. The truth is that they are a strong custom business. Full customization is really what makes them different, or as they like to describe it, “creating a second skin.” This process requires several fittings and a skeleton constructed based on your own unique body structure. More than 6,000 stitches are handmade and it takes 20 hours to produce a suit.
Kiton’s name is based on the ancient Greek chitone, which was the ceremonial costume worn by the nobility at the time. The garment is a symbol of social identity and is the best quality material and skill at the time. Kiton is committed to respecting this glorious tradition through a beautiful suit.
Although the special edition is priced at about $50,000, their most famous suit collections goes by the Kiton K-50. Each production takes 50 hours and can only be handcrafted by 5 tailors. Only 50 are produced each year and the price can be as high as $100,000.
Stuart Hughes
Meet the R. Jewels Diamond Edition suit. I include it as more novelty because it is more or less a public Relations gimmick. If you want the best money you can buy, technically it’s hard to beat the price tag and think it’s close to a million dollars.
The set consists of 480 VS2 quality diamonds (240 octs) that require 600 man-hours to create. It is said that only three will be sold.
Oxxford is an American brand with more than 100 years of fine tailoring experience, producing a distinctive suit. Each suit Jacket is hand-crafted, using more than 165 steps, perfected during their tenure, and imported from Italy, Spain and the UK.
When it comes to Oxxford, the sky is the limit. You can choose everything you need in the finest detail.
William Fioravanti
The William Fioravanti brand is known for its tailor-made suits for any man. Their main tailor makes subtle adjustments to the three fittings to ensure your own unique patterns. They use fabrics made in the UK and Italy specifically for their premium suit brand.
Although many brands say they are custom made, William Fioravanti still lives and breathes by it. The quality of the old world and all the craftsmanship are the passion for their energy. They no longer have physical locations, but they can still see customers at the Regent Hotel in New York by appointment.

Stefano Ricci
Born in Florence, Stefano Ricci pursues exquisite Italian tailoring in a superb form. These suits are truly the essence of Italian elegance and sophistication, and they are often hailed as the most luxurious in the industry. Few brands are comparable to their high-end brands.
Thom Browne
Thom Browne founded his own brand in 2001 and quickly developed into a paradigm shift that helped today’s suit industry. His designs are based on traditional suitmaking techniques and create tailoring innovations that have begun to transcend the industry by adding their own flares.

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