Sure i know, choosing a pet name for your lover is a personal affair, it has to deal with the matter of the heart. Though it’s not as if i’m trying to pry into your love-life but i just have this strong feeling that there’s this young lover out there who has been having slight challenges in cooking up an ideal name for his (her) lover.

So today i’m so pleased to unravel the solution to your challenge, let me start by sharing my secret of how i picked up a name for my lover, okay at first i tried to interpret the essence of adoring my lover with pet names, and from my discovery…..it’s an apt style of highlightening your feelings for your signigicant other.

Pet names interprets how much you adore, cherish and regard your lover, so you don’t just call petnames because others are calling theirs but because your lover’s existence in your life has sparked you to…Therefore give him/her a name based on the super-amazing impact of his style and personality in your life.

Based on this aforementioned strategies, i’ve compiled over-20 Extraordinary sweetnames for you and your lover based on different life roles, so anyone you feel is the apt name for your other half, don’t fail to save it up.

Let’s go!!!(name applies for both sex)

  • Sunshine: Does s/he always brighten up your mood whenever he’s around? The remembrance of him gives you a reason to forget your sorrows..Then go for this.
  • Precious : You know when you say something is precious to you, that means you can’t trade with it. So before you call your lover this, ensure you’re so endeared to him/her…that you can’t even imagine your life without your her, wow!!!..this must be a prestigious lover then.
  • Gift: uh…la..la this is awesome……you can only accord him with this name when you feel he’s Godsent, like he’s just that picture perfect man which you’ve long dreamt to have in your life…He’s your gift.
  • Darling: Aww….i’m beginning to drip for this name (lols) okay so tell me do you always crave for your lover? Everything she does fascinates and pleases you…wow…you’ve got the best darling then.
  • Superman: Sure you know the characteristics of a superman, he does the impossible….no i mean what other men couldn’t have done for you, he did it more than expected. Inshort he’s best at everything worth done by a man.
  • Hero: I so much love this name because i believe it’s for real men who will always stand up for their duties as a man (just as the superman) defend their lover and won’t even try to underrate or listen to gossips about their women because they are heroes so they ain’t to cheap to give in to sidetalks.
  • Prince : when you believe he’s the prince of your life.
  • Handsome: wookie..!!!..He got that killer looks which leaves my heart in puddle so he’s my Mr. HANDSOME.
  • Amore mio: when she has finally won your heart then she’s your lover (my lover).
  • Hottie: No one dares compete with my lover because everything about her is always sizzling hot and sweet. She’s my Hottie.
  • Ken: My Boo is always swanky, stylish and smart.
  • Val: Sure when he’s your forever valentine.
  • Halfie: omg!!!!…this is so sweet, i think i should call my lover this because he’s my forver best half, ever since he came into my life i feel complete. He makes me whole and happy!!!.
  • Marshmallow: For the soft, sweet and caring lover.
  • Bunny: He’s so cute as a bunny and i can’t live without him.
  • Cottoncandy: Is her personality and style so soft and sweet like a candy? Then let’s go for this.
  • Mai..Mai : If you’re so sure he/she is all yours, then maimai is the answer.
  • Cowboy: He’s always protecting you? Then he’s absolutely your cowboy.
  • Hercules: Even though, he’s not the ultimate man in the world but to you, he’s your Demigod.
  • Winnie: when she’s soft-voiced, friendly, loveable and thoughtful…she’s your life Winnie.
  • Hunbun: Is everything about your lover so cute? Hunbun is the perfect name.
  • Sugar-puff: for the sweet and cute lover.
  • Funhun: The lover with the funniest and cute personality, zero worries lover.
  • Kiddo: wow!!!,,Does your lover makes you reminiscent on your childhood days, most times he/she acts like an overgrown smart kid ? Then he’s your kiddo.
  • Rockstar: He’s good at management be it his job and relationship duties, then he’s a rockstar.
  • Moi_moi: when she’s plain in thw outside but warm and caring on the inside.
  • Amigo: It means my Best friend.
  • Choco: For the comforting and caring lover.
  • Fairy: Do you feel that she so much behaves like a fairy…then call her this.
  • Blaze: That one lover that’s a party-freak, an extrovert, talkaholic, so social to the core and is always there to lite up your mood into sth extraordinarily hot and everblazing.
  • Star: S/he inspires you and motivates you, when you see your lover as your muse, then s/he’s your star.
  • Bumble-Bee: For the hardworking and busy Boo.
  • Smiley: She always got that smiling face that gives you a reason to smile all day.
  • Honey: All through your affair with him/her, she has always been sweet and long_lasting, no flirting around.
  • Diamond: Then your lover so priceless and incomparable…S/he’s a complete life package.
  • Rockie: He rocks your world, he calms and soothes your nerves.
  • Champ : When your lover is great at everything he does.
  • Favor : Do you think she’s your world Best favorite Being? Then proudly call her my favy.
  • Panda: For the cute, cuddly and adorable lover.
  • Sparky : I believe she adds spark to your life . She’s not the badenergy.
  • Treasure : Ofcourse your lover is yours forever.

Alright Dearie, haven gone through the list, which one do you think best describes your lover? Well even though you don’t wanna share it here, atleast i’m excited you were able to pick one or two names for your best half.

Wow!!!!..Thanks sp much for your time and don’t forget to subscribe with us as to get notified for more fresh lifeful updates. Enjoy.

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