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Give Me 30mins and I Will Give 8 Tips On How To ATTRACT People Around You .

What comes to your mind when you hear Attraction?

Attraction is not only when you cause eye obstruction with your outfit but being able to always please and appeal to people through your alluring agreeable qualities.

At this point you’ve not only magneted the person’s interest but he now sees you as an icon worth emulating.

So tell me, won’t you want to be that role model which everyone around sees ? Don’t you wanna be extra from the ordinary ? The tips all lie right here below .


Be Positive :

Khafi Bbnaija2019 Drips in positive vibes.

Who won’t love to be around a soul that dines and wines in positivity…A human that finds silver lining in stormy situations ?

If you really want to always attract people around you, then be ready to conquer their fears and eliminate doubts through your words of positivity and motivation, Let your words always be soothing and therapeutic inorder to appeal to them.


Be Grateful :

Grateful heart Adesua Wellington.

I, personally have special feelings for individuals that are super-grateful, it gives me great joy when i see people appreciate other people’s achievements because i believe when you appreciate, your own hardwork pays off too.

Resentment does nothing but incurs ill-lucks to you. And i’m sure, i’m not the only one whoes attracted to this circle of people, so this another Beautiful tip…always learn to appreciate people and their success.


There’s no way you won’t earn the love and support of people when you’re bent on helping the young minds to grow.

Davido is proud of Mayorkun.

Okay fine, check out Davido, One of Nigerians most cherished Artist, OBO is a team-builder, he has supported and setup some many Nigerian underground musicians and that’s why they can’t love him less. He’s just a Man of the people in the Music world.

Even if you’ve got no finance to support, you’ve got the knowledge to share inorder to attract the world.


Exude Confidence:

Dauntless Laura Ikeji.

Always be ready to spread the fragrance of confidence wherever you stun, Every living being is super-attracted to a soul that exudes undiluted confidence. A soul that respects the thought, feeling and idea of others, and Never stops believing in themseleves despite how many times they fail.



It only takes a matured mind to forgive!

MERCYEKE BBNAIJA 2019 winner got that Heart!

So tell me, how often do you forgive?

Although i know there are so wounds that Hurts so badly, but for you to be that role model…you should be ready to always forgive despite the volume of the offence.

Forgiveness shows how matured and free spirited you are, ofcourse this will sure allure everyone to your Beautiful personality .


Silent Explorer:

Great Mind Genevieve Nnaji.

This’s actually from my own personal view, i’m easily attracted to hardworking people, like you don’t have to make noise but your success will, that’s why i can’t stop famzing Genevieve Nnaji…nay you rarely see her flaunt nor display ostentatiously rather Forbes and Channels will do the talking for her.

Genevieve Nnaji is a model worth emulating for me!

So if you wanna win my admiration, work hard and let your success bang the bells.


A good listener who speaks less:

Seyi Awolowo of Bbnaija2019.

Another smart behavior which you got to imbibe is to learn to listen to the views of others, even though some might sound nonsensical, filter the wheat from the chaff and roll out sagacious lines.

You don’t need to talk much, just take your time, construct the amazing piece and spark it out. Believe me, if your speech touches these three major domains (educational, inspirational,entertainment)…then you’ve so earned yourself an A and you know what that means?




Everyman is always attracted not just to anyhow Fashionist but a smart one who knows his fashion onions and how best to slice it. I’m a lover of good fashion and an admirer of smart-slayers.

You can also win my third admiration when you prove to me how smart you are when it comes to pairing flawlessly and i’m sure there are somp many of us who got burning passion for fashion so you have so many hearts to charm.

Goodluck as you embark on your Get-Attracted Tips

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