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Check Out These 2018 Exclusive Agbada Designs For Couples

We can attest to the fact that Agbada has become the fashion vogue for wedding guests in some parts of Africa, especially Nigeria. Interestingly, Agbada has actually cross gender from being a male 3 piece outfit to also the female gender. From time to time in wedding ceremony, you will definitely see couples wearing Agbada outfits and believe me, this is a beautiful scene, especially when they have  got their hands held together, it looks very beautiful.

What is AGBADA?
The simple English Agbada clothing is called β€œGrand Boubou” and is one of the most popular fashion piece in Nigeria. It is suitable for all occasions, but mainly for weddings. This dress is mainly worn by “Ballers”, also known as “Agbada Gang”. Most people look more gorgeous than others, especially when they are a couple stepping in an  Agbada outfit, and that is what we call “relationship/couple goal.”
Why choose AGBADA?
Every young guy wants the world to know that “the girl” is his, yea! this is just a grand way to show off your woman to the public. Have you noticed that most women are in the same Agbada outfit as their men? They feel and walk like they are on the top of the world – He is the king and I am the queen kind of step.
The Agbada concept of couple has actually found more ways to go beyond the fashion statement it provides.
The whole idea of ​​the couple Agbada matching outfit is to help the two couples complement themselves with color or design. Sometimes, couples intertwine colors just to complement each other. For example, a man could wear a white native with red Agbada garment featuring white embroidery, while on the other hand, his partner could wear red native inner and a white Agbada garment over it with red embroidery on it… and we have an Agbada complementing.
In addition to color, sometimes the length may vary and the embroidery design of the two Agbada garments. The most important thing is to make sure you both slay in the Agbada outfits together and be comfortable in them as well. Everything else follows.
Another beautiful concept of Agbada design for couples, it allows your kids to feature in them. If you have a son or daughter rocking your Agbada outfit with you, this is just a beautiful sight. Single mothers and single dads could also rock Agbada outfits with their children and still slay stylishly.
I can bet that in the years to come, Agbada outfits will still be fashionable in the fashion world. If you have doubts, then we could raise the stakes (joking).

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