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6 Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About The Shoes You Wear!

Funny enough, i approched a guy yesterday just to compliment his shoes, which he gladly reciprocated and then while i was about leaving..i asked him this aching question .

Sorry sir, please what’s the name of your shoe, so i could know what to say when placing an order for it?

Guess what he said?

It’s Louis Vuitton nah, can’t you see it?

I was like, yea i know but that’s the brand name….just to cut the long story short, the guy never knew, it was even his friend that made an attempt to say “Brooks”❌ not “Brogues”.✔

In essence, all i’m saying is that most of us rock shoes which we don’t even know their exact names or category but only the brand name, that’s a bit appalling you know? Because a fellow might unexpectedly push to the hot seat someday just to interview your outfit and you don’t expect to save yourself with just brand names. Well not to worry, the essence of this post today is to educate and inspire you on the names of some of the shoes you wear everyday.

I actually picked these ones, because they are quiet trendy amongst our men.



Right here, i have Brogues which most call Brooks. It’s called Brogues because it’s has these decorative decorations that’s the broguing which you can see at the sturdy leather uppers, always low heeled and notched along the pieces visible edges. Please note that, we have two major kinds of Brogue.


Oxford Brogue :

This is the kind of Brogue that has the bottom lacing section sewn closed all through, and you can also see that the eyelet facings are stitched underneath the front section of the shoe/vamp.

The oxford is better rocked with formal/coporate and native(Agbada, kaftan) attires.


Derby Brogues:

This is the Brother with an open lace section sewn closed only at the bottom and the eyelet facing are sewn on top of the vamp. So Note that this has open lacing while the former has closed lacing. But all are still Brogues. Derby can be rocked with formal and casual(Denim jeans/shorts) attire.

Note: Not all Oxfords and Derbys are perforated!




Mere looking at them, you will find out that they are laceless and therefore can easily be slipped on. Some of them have low heels while some doesn’t . And they are so comfortably and easily paired with formal, casual and even native attires.


Monk-Strap shoes :

Sometimes it comes in decorative pierce.

The model of this shoe was first established and worn on a wider front in Europe during the medieval ages (1000-1350 Bc) by the monks. THEN it was used mainly as a work shoe because it was more protective and comfortable than their extincted sandals.

First Model.

Monk starp are often made with leather or suede, it has no lace section rather one can secure it with the straps or buckles . We have the double monk strap that’s the one with double straps and mono monk strap which is the reverse. Monk strap can be styled with suit outfits, blazers, Nativeoutfit and Casuals (cuffed jean).


Chelsea Boots:

This straightforward and clean design boots can be stylishly best rocked with Formal attire or skinny Jeans outfit without blemishes. For the long jean line, smartly tuck the pants into the boot as to bare the dope outlook of the shoe.

Hugo Boss Chelsea Boot Collction.

Chelsea boot has close fitted ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel normally has a loop on the back which enables the easy pull out of the boot.

The Chelsea Boot Company dates back to the Victorian era and was first established in the year of 1851 as they were mainly used while riding .


Chukka Boots:

This is another type of boot that normally stops at the ankle length. If you look, you will definitely find out that it has open lacing with two or three eyelets and thin laces. They are often made from leather or suede…(leather uppers or rubber soles)

Chukka Boots can be uncoordinatedly partnered with Jeans, a T-shirt/ button down casual outfit style. It can also complement a Blazer formal look.

Wow, That will be all for now about your shoes and you, so tell me how do you see the lesson ?



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